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Club Executive Board Structure and Roles

The Kingston Field Naturalists is a volunteer organization, run by the efforts of its members. There are many ways to get involved in the Club that will help further its goals of nature conservation and public education about the importance of nature. One very important way is to volunteer to be on the Club executive or a committee. To help you learn what the executive does and how you might find a role that interests you, the Executive and committee structure is presented below. Additionally, a document describing the Executive roles is provided. Executive Duties of the KFN: Description of each position

Kingston Field Naturalists Officers and Committees List 2017-2018
Honorary President
Ron Weir
Officers and Directors
Past President
Vice President
Alexandra Simmons
Kurt Hennige
Anthony Kaduck
Larry McCurdy
Recording Secretary
Membership Secretary
Janis Grant
John Critchley
Standing committees
Editor of Blue Bill
Junior Naturalists
Bird Records
Field Trips
Nature Reserves
Mark Read
Anne Robertson
Mark Read
Chris Hargreaves
Mark Read
Gaye Beckwith
Erwin Batalla
Ontario Nature Rep

Janet Elliott
Jacki Bartnick
Kurt Hennige
Lesley Rudy
Poly Aiken
Other executive responsibilities
Gaye Beckwith
Alexandra Simmons
May Dinner Coordinator/ Facebook
Bird Sightings/Ontbirds
Archives/ Book Auction
Polly Aiken
Mark Read
Janet/Bruce Elliott

To volunteer for a committee or for more information on any executive role, feel free to contact a member of the Executive. See the inside cover of the Blue Bill for contact info of any of the people listed above.