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Birding in the Kingston Region

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Important Amherstview Sewage Lagoon Access: Thanks to an agreement with Loyalist Township, KFN members are permitted to enter the Amherstview Sewage Lagoons property to do nature observation during daylight hours. Entry is only through the gate on the SOUTH side of the property, at the end of Amherstview Golf Course Road. Access to this location is a privilege. This is an operational facility not a public park. Ensure you close the lock after you exit and change the code. Keep out of any restricted area indicated by chains and/or signs. Obey the instructions of any Township employee. Do not block the gate when parking. Carry your KFN membership card in case you are asked by Township to confirm that you are a KFN member. Leave the site the way you found it. Please instruct others who wish to enter to get the instructions from Kurt Hennige (, via the Contact Us page of the KFN website, or from Mark Read (

This page contains information to help your birding and to help you conserve birds in the Kingston Region. The KFN defines its region as a 50km circle (depicted in the interactive map above) centred on MacDonald Park, Kingston. This is the area within which all our records are gathered, checklist based and books written.

The Kingston Field Naturalists supports the American Birding Association's PRINCIPLES OF BIRDING ETHICS. In accordance with the KFN's SENSITIVE SIGHTINGS POLICY, the KFN no longer publicly reports sensitive sightings until the threat to the animal or plant is passed; All KFN members should follow the code of ethics and the Sensitive Sightings Policy. Please review them both before reading on.

Recent bird sightings within the 50km KFN circle, centred on MacDonald Park, Kingston.

Weekly bird reports are posted to OntBirds but do not include sensitive sightings in accordance with the KFN's SENSITIVE SIGHTINGS POLICY:

Bird Checklists and Reporting Forms

Rare Bird Reporting background information (Rare Bird Reporting Form and Field Checklist may be downloaded from this page.)
Birds of the Kingston Area (updated March 2015)
Field Checklist - This is a condensed version of the Birds of the Kingston Area that can be printed double-sided on 8.5 x 14 inch (legal) paper to be taken into the field with you.
Rare Bird (Unusual Records) Reporting Form (2007)


The Kingston Field Naturalists have become enthusiastic supporters of eBird. This is a great tool for birding anywhere in the world and it turns your bird observations into "critical data for science"! Everyone birding anywhere is encouraged to use it. Please check out what it is all about and sign yourself up. You can share all your records with the KFN bird records committee using the share feature and the clubs user identity "Kingston FN". Please visit eBird Canada .

Mike Burrell has prepared a series of eBird "how to" articles that have appeared in various editions of the Blue Bill. Check them out to learn more about how to use eBird and get the most out of it:

Birding Hot Spots of the Kingston Region

The links below will open PDF documents on particular birding hot spots in the Kingston region. Please return at a later date to find future write-ups on hotspots. All materials presented here are to be considered Copyright Reserved by the Kingston Field Naturalists.


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